The C-Factor Zone

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- Supports Endothelial function & protects the heart. The causes of artery damage e.g. smoking, junk food, hypertension, thin the inner layers of arteries.  Vitamin C can help protect the inner artery layers.
- Can assist in lowering Coronary Artery Disease.
-  When combining Vitamin C with B-Complex vitamins, they can lower levels of Homocysteine.  Homocysteine is one of the leading causes of heart attacks when the amount doubles.
-  Vitamin C can cause vasodilation (increase blood vessel size).  This leads to relaxation, blood-flow increase, and lower blood pressure.  Vitamin C is a precursor (causes production) to Nitric Oxide (NO2).  Nitric Oxide causes vasodilation which results in lower blood pressure.
-  A minimum of 1000mg/day is recommended for optimal health; however, some individuals may need more.  Studies illustrate the R.D.A. allowance is not sufficient (60mg).  This is part of the reason why taking Vitamin C from food is not sufficient.
-  Vitamin C creates Collagen.  Collagen is responsible for hair, nails, skin, and bone structures such as the Vertebrae. 
-  Vitamin C supplementation with Quercetin prolongs the benefits according to studies.
-  Studies illustrate the benefits of Vitamin C for cancer patients.  Chemotherapy destroys cancer cells and immune cells.  Vitamin C can help maintain a patient's immune system.

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